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Bulk Metal® Foil Technology
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Precision resistors built on VFR's unique Bulk Metal® Foil technology provide very low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and exceptional long-term stability even in extreme temperatures. The devices provide a wide range of resistance values, with any resistance value within their given range available at any tolerance with no additional cost or lead time effect. On top of this specific “as required” values can be supplied at no extra cost or delivery.
The POP9 from Vishay Foil Resistors are the most popular precision resistor products used by analog circuit designers in the most demanding circuit applications. Because design engineers depend so heavily upon the performance of these unique products, Vishay Foil Resistors is making them easier than ever to obtain through our worldwide network or catalog suppliers, with guaranteed in-stock availability and fast delivery. -Browse POP9 Products
Examples of how customers are using Vishay Foil Resistors to improve the performance of their end products are being collected in a new Case Studies section. For more information, click here.
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VFR surface-mount precision resistors are available in various SMD packages and in flip chip, bare chip, and fixed resistor network configurations

Fixed solid wire terminations available in axial or radial configurations; molded, encapsulated or conformal coated packages

Power current sensors available in SMD or axial versions with optional heat sinks; 4-terminal Kelvin connections for precise measurement

Hermetic seal eliminates ingress of oxygen and moisture which degrade resistors over time; axial, radial, and SMD packages available

Voltage dividers and networks available in SMD or axial combinations, with compact packages or special constructions

Low noise trimmers featuring precise adjustment and stability against mechanical vibration or temperature variations

Unique custom-designed precision hermetic networks in standard packages with no NRE; wire bondable chips for hybrid circuits

Designed to withstand extreme temperature conditions up to +240°C, these resistors are available in SMD, axial and wire bondable styles

Military & Space

VFR resistors have been used in military and space for more than 40 years; qualified against ESA, NASA, DSCC and EEE-INST-002 standards and QPL listed
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