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Alpha Electronics has been a manufacturer of Bulk Metal® Foil resistors since 1978. Known worldwide for their accuracy and reliability, the components are widely used in a range of applications, including automatic test equipment (ATE); weighing scales; precision instrumentation; aerospace, military, laboratory and metrology, and medical systems; industrial process control; high-end audio; and more. Alpha Electronics now provides Bulk Metal® Foil metrology standard resistors that conform to Japanese National Standards regulations, and is working in conjunction with the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMJ) to further develop the technology

Alpha Electronics continues to focus on the needs of today and the requirements of future.

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Comparison Testing of Chip Resistor Technologies Under High Vibration (Demo Video)
This video demonstrates the comparative performance of Alpha MPP surface-mount molded resistors undergoing severe vibration testing.


Alpha Electronics is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction for both technical and delivery requirements. To this end, we provide the following services:

  • Complete production capability for Bulk Metal® Foil resistors
  • Wide range of product lines (Bulk Metal® Foil resistors and standard resistors)
  • On-site technical seminars by Alpha Electronics FAEs
  • Experienced customer service team
  • Expert component analysis at QA laboratory
  • Thorough reliability test (Source Control Drawing) at test laboratory
  • Complete support for custom requirements
  • Rapid response for quote and sample order requests
  • World-class calibration laboratory

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Video Library  - Product Demonstrations and in depth information on VPG Process Weighing systems

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