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This page provides links to selected articles by Vishay Foil Resistors authors in the international trade press.*
TitlePublicationLanguagePublication Date
Understanding High-Precision Resistor Temperature Coefficient of ResistanceELE TimesEnglishDec 2017
搞定電阻匹配穩定性 運算放大器效能有保障Micro-Electronics Magazine TaiwanChineseDec 2016
Op Amp Circuitry Ultra-High-Precision Resistor Usage: Matching and Stability ImportancePlanet AnalogEnglishJuly 2016
Reducing black swan events involving Li-ion batteriesElectronic ProductsEnglishOct 2014
How has rapid prototyping affected your job or industry?ECNEnglishJuly 2014
Choisir la bonne technologie de r�sistance sans se tromperElectroniqueFrenchJune 2014
When smaller isn't better in precision resistor applicationsEDNEnglishMay 2014
리튬이온 전지에서 돌발상황의 발생을 어떻게 줄일 수 있을까Display PlusKoreanMay 2014
The Invention and Evolution of The World's Most Precise ResistorEDNEnglishMar 2014
Building block calibrationCIEEnglishJan 2014
Reading between the lines of resistor datasheetsEE Times Europe, Power ManagementEnglishDec 2013
Resistor datasheets: Reading between the linesEDNEnglishNov 2013
Bulk metal foil current sensing resistors for Li-ion batteries in avionicsEDNEnglishSept 2013
Obsoleta komponenter, f�rfalskning och COTS skapar problemElektronik i NordenSwedishSept 2013
How to select precision resistors for 4 - 20 mA current loopEE TimesEnglishAug 2013
How to select precision resistors for 4 - 20 mA current loopEDNEnglishAug 2013
Precision Resistors: From the drawing board to realityECNEnglishMay 2013
(COTS) ורכיבים מהמדף (counterfeiting) זיוף (Obsolescence) התיישנותNew-Tech MagazineHebrewApr 2013
עולמו המופלא של הנגד ותרומתו ליציבות המעגל האנלוגי New-Tech MagazineHebrewMar 2013
Obsolescence, counterfeiting and COTS: Understanding the consequencesEE TimesEnglishMar 2013
Avoiding Costly Redesigns Through Better Design ChoicesEE TimesEnglishFeb 2013
Präzisionswiderstände: Der passende Widerstand für Ihre Applikation Elektronik NetGermanFeb 2013
Resistori di precisione per applicazioni esigentiSelezione di ElettronicaItalianJan 2013
נגדים מדוייקים עבור "כלי טייס חשמלי יותר"(MEA) ומערכת "טוס על חוט" (FBW) - משולחן השרטוט למציאות. New Tech Military MagazineHebrewDec 2012
Picking the right resistor technologyEDN ASIAEnglishDec 2012
Foil current sense resistors and their applicationsIEEE Instrumentation and Measurement MagazineEnglishDec 2012
אסטרטגיות לבחירת רכיבים ותכנון השמתם למניעת(Thermal EMF ) כוח אלקטרו-מניע תרמיNewTech MagazineHebrewNov 2012
Price, cost, risk, and selecting the best resistor technology for the applicationEE TimesEnglishAug 2012
מה המשותף בין נגדים מדויקים , מכשור רפואי ודור ה"בייבי בום"New-Tech MagazineHebrewAug 2012
נגדים מדוייקים בשימוש מעגלים אנלוגיים למכשור ססמוגרפי לזNew-Tech Micowave MagazineHebrewJuly 2012
What’s The Difference Between Foil And Thin-Film ResistorsElectronic DesignEnglishJuly 2012
(ESD) כיצד מסייעים נגדי יריעה (BULK METAL FOIL) להקטנת הסיכון לפריקה חשמלית אלNew-Tech Military MagazineHebrewJune 2012
石油勘探、数字地震仪和海啸探测器在其模拟电路中需要精密电阻器Electronic Products China (EPC)ChineseMay 2012
Résistance de précision pour applications d'énergie, de transport et à haute températureElectronique Composants & InstrumentationFrenchMar 2012
Precision resistors play vital role in analog circuits of seismic instrumentsEDNEnglishDec 2011
Component aging is primary hurdle in design of high-temperature power convertersHow2Power Today NewsletterEnglishSept 2011
Component selection and layout strategies for avoiding thermal EMFEE TimesEnglishApr 2011
How Smaller Form Factors Exacerbate ESD Risks and How Foil Resistors Can HelpInterference TechnologyEnglishNov 2010
Selecting Resistors for Pre-Amp, Amplifier, and Other High-End Audio ApplicationsEE Times - Audio DesignLineEnglishSept 2010
The Hidden VaribleEDNEnglishAug 2010
Stabilità dei resistori: gli effetti sui circuitiSelezione di ElettronicaItalianJuly 2010
Vergleich verschiedener WiderstandstypenElektronik IndustrieGermanJune 2010
Resistor raises the barElectronic ProductsEnglishMar 2010
Största möjliga tystnad(Strategies for Minimizing Resistor-Generated Noise in Audio Systems)Elektronik i NordenSwedishMar 2010
* The views expressed in the documents referenced here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Vishay Precision Group.
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