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Vishay Foil Resistors' (VFR) authorized distributors who offer their customers timely delivery from a global supply of high precision Bulk Metal® Foil resistors, constantly updated to include the latest product releases.

Precision Centers

VFR's authorized precision centers are scattered globally, offering a short run and quick delivery of high precision Bulk Metal® foil resistors. Unique to VFR precision centers is the ability to provide any value to any tolerance. They ship small quantities in five days or less.Why do we have authorized local manufacturing or precision centers? Because we have no standard values and each resistor is trimmed to the precise value ordered. The unique chain of Precision Centers brings these precise values as close as possible to the circuit designers in the shortest time possible. For your local Precision Center please click here
Video Library  - Product Demonstrations and in depth information on VPG Process Weighing systems

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