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Foil Accelerated – Speed up your order (only applicable for running orders):
The Foil Accelerated service is available when your order has been confirmed and is in production, but must be speeded up to meet your prototype deadline.
We can expedite your existing order via Foil Accelerated using our accelerated production line. Each request to use this service will be checked and confirmed by our Production Control Department and Marketing to assure that we can accomplish our commitment for your specific order. We can commit to bringing your order forward to a minimum of one week.
The very moderate Foil Accelerated surcharge is insignificant when what’s really important is that you can put your prototype system together faster than ever before, with full assurance that your resistor solutions are completely verified.
To activate this service, please contact your local customer service.
Note: The offer will be valid for 72 hours.
This option is also applicable when you want to expedite a partial quantity.
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