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9 Pillars of Precision

Guaranteed in-stock availability and fast delivery of the most popular VFR precision resistors

The POP9 from Vishay Foil Resistors are the most popular precision resistor products used by analog circuit designers in the most demanding circuit applications – including avionics, military and space (AMS), medical, precision instrumentation, metrology, and process control systems. Because design engineers worldwide depend so heavily upon the performance of these unique products, Vishay Foil Resistors is making them easier than ever to obtain through our worldwide network of catalog suppliers, with guaranteed in-stock availability and fast delivery. The world’s most accurate and precise resistors are now closer than ever before. Contact your catalog supplier for immediate support and “POPulate” your circuit board with Vishay Foil Resistors products – products you can rely on.

VSMP Series (Z-Foil)

  • Wrap Around
  • Surface Mount

VFR surface-mount precision resistors are available in various SMD packages and in flip chip, bare chip, and fixed resistor network configurations

VAR (Z-Foil)

  • Naked Resistors
  • Through Hole

The right combination of low noise, low inductance/capacitance, and distortion-free properties for audio applications


  • Flexible Terminations
  • Surface Mount

Unique flexible terminations ensure minimal stress transference from the PCB due to a difference in temperature coefficient of expansion (TCE)

SMNZ (Z-Foil)

  • Resistors Networks
  • Surface Mount

Ultra-high-precision Z-Foil surface-mount four-resistor network in dual-in-line package—the most precise resistor network for amplifier applications

S102 Series

  • Molded Resistors
  • Through Hole

Resistors built to handle unconventional environmental conditions with minimal drift

VCS1625 Series

  • Power Current Sense
  • Surface Mount

Ultra high-precision Z-Foil surface-mount current sensing chip resistor with TCR to 0.05 ppm/°C

DSMZ (Z-Foil)

  • Voltage Divider Networks
  • Surface Mount

SMD voltage divider with integrated construction offers improved performance and better real estate utilization over discrete resistors and matched pairs

CSM Series

  • Power Current Sense
  • Surface Mount

Bulk Metal® technology, high precision current sensing, power surface-mount metal strip resistor series rated up to 3 W


  • Trimmers
  • Through Hole

Ultra high-precision trimming potentiometer meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-PRF-39035, Char. H with a smooth and unidirectional output
Video Library  - Product Demonstrations and in depth information on VPG Process Weighing systems

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