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Our Field Design Engineers Provide On-Site Demonstrations
We invite you to participate in a unique 60-minute training program where we put three main resistor technologies to the real test.
This short technical seminar was specially designed to meet the needs of design engineers working with resistors. It covers the electrical properties and stress factors of all three major resistor types: thick film, thin film, and Bulk Metal® Foil.
Our demo session will cover the following issues:
  1. Understanding the theory behind the resistor technologies
  2. Understanding how to choose the right resistor for a specific application
  3. Understanding the conditions that can affect and influence resistors during their operational life
  4. Observing actual demonstrations of comparative resistor performance, including: TCR, PCR (Power TCR), ESD, noise, pulses and Load Life Stability.
Target Audiences:
Design Engineers, Project Managers, Component Engineers, Engineering Students, Sales Representatives, and Component Distributors, and all who share in the responsibility of selecting the right resistor for the right job.
Presented at the location of your choice, our demo sessions are tailored to your specific project and typically last approximately one hour.
Video Library  - Product Demonstrations and in depth information on VPG Process Weighing systems

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